Characteristic architecture and landscape 

B&B "de Koepeltjes" is located in "de Koepeltjesbuurt" (the dome neighbourhood). It is a very green and quiet neighbourhood on the edge of Zoetermeer, next to the Westerpark, where you can walk for hours. The dome neighbourhood is so called because of the sand-lime brick white houses with the orange domes above the stairwells. These homes were designed by architect Benno Stegeman and built in the years 1972-1973. The dome housing area has had protected cityscape status since 2006. Architecture students regularly visit for research or architects make a tour to gain inspiration.

The neighbourhood is an eye-catcher. The homes stand out because of the surprising choice of materials and colors. But also the architecture that is described in technical terms as “cubic-structuralist”. The urban development plan is also special. The 116 homes of Stegeman are staggered from each other and no street is the same. The houses are arranged around courtyards and originally have open gardens that extend into the Westerpark. You find many birds and other animals appearing in the gardens and on the walkways! Think of frogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, pheasants, tits, finches, herons, owls, foxes, jays, woodpeckers, ring-necked parakeets, and so on.

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