The adjacent recreational area the Westerpark

Directly at the end of our street you can walk straight into the Westerpark. Although the name suggests otherwise, the Westerpark is not a sleek city park; but a free nature reserve of more than 150 hectares. The park is divided into sub-areas, each with their own character. There is a forest area, a flower meadow, a lake area, the Nature Garden and the sports fields. You can enjoy recreation here or relax with a walk or a run after a long day at work.

We recommend:
  • The Natuurtuin; a nature garden and ecological discovery as starting point for nature walks 
  • Bowling and recreation center Westerpark; for lunch or coffee on the terrace overlooking the water;
  • You can also rent a rowing boat or whisper boat here
  • The Westerpret playground; a whole day of fun in nature for children and their family
  • The gnome discovery tour; small works of art hidden in nature by local artist Marlies van den Broek
  • She also provides very nice workshops in which you can make beautiful statues with paverpol (not just gnomes ;-))
  • There are various walking and cycling routes that run through the park; 
  • For example, discover the cycling route 'City & Park route' that takes you through the Buytenpark and Westerpark. 
  • Another cycling route is 'Park & ​​Green areas'. Experience the special nature, culture and history with this route through Zoetermeer and the Westerpark. 
  • If you fancy an interactive walk that children also enjoy, you can go geocaching. You can find your way using a GPS or mobile phone.
  • A large sheep pasture.
Four-legged friends are also very welcome and are allowed to run free in most of the park. They even have their own dog beach. ;-)

Also more information about the Westerpark , the umbrella area Buytenhout (including the adjacent nature reserves Driemanspolder and the Balij) and the city of  Zoetermeer !